The face behind the screen

Meet Sebastien, a dedicated entrepreneur with a deep love for the Banff community and an unyielding passion for creating businesses that make a difference.

Hailing from French-Canadian roots, Sebastien’s entrepreneurial journey began with Clementine Jeans, his first venture where he honed his business acumen and knack for spotting opportunities in challenging markets. These early experiences cemented his resolve to create value-driven enterprises, a vision which he carried forward into his subsequent endeavors.

Sebastien’s attachment to Banff runs deep. Against all odds, he chose to call this breathtaking, yet unique town his home. He cherishes the cold waters, participates in the polar dips, and has a profound connection with the natural world that surrounds him.

In less than a year, Sebastien has established Sno Removal Ltd., a company now integral to Banff’s winter functionality. Offering comprehensive snow management solutions for businesses, homes, and events, Sno Removal Ltd. has not only contributed to the safety and accessibility of the town, but also fostered a strong sense of community through participation in local festivals and activities.

Sebastien’s newest venture, Parkit Solution, further embodies his forward-thinking spirit and dedication to providing practical, accessible solutions. Aiming to revolutionize the parking industry, he is committed to creating efficient, profitable parking spaces while keeping them accessible for customers or selected groups.

Join Sebastien as he navigates his remarkable entrepreneurial journey. Through business, community engagement, and his intimate connection with nature, he’s shaping the future of Banff, one venture at a time.